Control Your Interior Environment with Proper Window Treatments

Your home’s interior is the environment where you will spend a lot of time with family and friends. Because of this, you want your living space to be comfortable and conducive to social interaction. The location of windows in your home has a profound effect on the interior climate. By adding the right window treatments, you can control the amount of light and heat comes into the room, allowing you to control the temperature without using the HVAC system. Flair Interiors can consult with you to help you find the right style of window treatment that will give you the climate control you need while also complementing your interior design décor. In today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of using the various types of window treatments we have to offer at Flair Interiors.

Get the Right Window Treatments for Your Living Space

Not all window treatments are created equal, and you need to make sure you choose the right option for your needs. Not only do you need to consider the colors and style in the room, but you also need to consider what, if any, functionality you need out of your window treatments. Flair Interiors offers window treatments in many different styles, so you should have no problem finding the right solution. Let’s look at the options available and the benefits of each:

Blinds and Shades – these window treatments offer a traditional look, giving you complete control of the amount of light coming into the room. Available in many styles and colors, they can also add to your overall interior design with easy maintenance.

Draperies – this style of window treatment in that they can be used alone or in conjunction with other window treatments. Draperies are available in many different solid colors and print patterns, so you have an excellent selection to complement your interior décor with easier control over natural light in the room.

Plantation Shutters – not only can plantation shutters give greater light control, but they can actually add value to your home. They are easy to clean and maintain, and are available in a number of styles to add style and color to your living space.

Sun Control Shades – having natural light coming into your home is a great thing, but during hot summer days, it can make rooms in your home unbearably hot. By adding sun control shades, you can keep too much sunlight from coming into your home, keeping your home cooler without added strain on your HVAC system.

No matter what sort of window treatments you want to add to your interior design, Flair Interiors will work with you to make sure you find the perfect option for your living space. We even have motorized window treatment options that can be controlled with a wall switch, remote control, or even an app on your phone. Contact us to get started finding the right window treatments for your Kalamazoo area home.