Energy Efficient Window Treatments to Improve Your Interior Design

New window treatments from Flair Interiors are a great way to improve your home’s interior design while also improving the energy efficiency of your home. We have a great selection of different window treatments that can help you with the control of light in your home, increase privacy, and even make your life easier through the use of motorized options you can control with a remote control or your smartphone. The expert interior design professionals at Flair Interiors can help you navigate the window treatment options available to find the right option for your living space. Read further for more information about these window treatments and how each can benefit your home.

Control Light and Heat with Traditional Blinds

Blinds are a great window treatment option that allows you to conveniently control light and heat in your living space. By allowing more natural light in the Winter and less in the Summer, you can also control the amount of heat in the same room. Blinds also allow you to increase privacy in your home by blocking people outside from seeing inside your home.

A More Affordable Option in the Form of Shades

Shades work similarly to blinds, in that they can help you control the amount of light entering your home at any given time. Because shades are opaque, they don’t have the slats that blinds have, offering more effective privacy.

Add an Aesthetic Touch with a Wide Variety of Draperies

There is nearly no limit to the number of styles and colors available when it comes to draperies for your interior design. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other window treatments like blinds or shades for increased privacy and climate control in the room. The vast selection of draperies makes it easy to find a style or color that complements the rest of your interior décor.

Easy Maintenance with Plantation Shutters

The physically strongest of the window treatment options, plantation shutters are very easy to clean and maintain. They give your interior design that classic look that also helps with heating and cooling efficiency, and they also provide a better sound barrier that increases privacy in your home.

For all your interior design needs, from window treatments to new furniture and more, count on the experienced professionals at Flair Interiors to find the solutions you need. Stop in and visit our showroom today, or contact us for more information.