Get Style and Energy Efficiency with Custom Window Treatments in Kalamazoo

Flair Interiors has been providing residential and commercial customers with superior interior design services in Kalamazoo for nearly 40 years. Whether you need a single piece of furniture to complete your patio, accessories to liven up your dining room, or custom window treatments to give your living room a great new look, our experienced professionals will help you find the perfect options to enhance your interior décor and give you the aesthetic look you want for your living space. In today’s post, we will look at the types of custom window treatments we have to offer and how they can enhance your home’s look while also helping with energy efficiency.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades come in a number of different styles and colors, giving you a nearly unlimited choice to find the right selection that complements your furniture and color scheme. Easy to use and maintain, these window treatments can be customized to your window’s exact specifications to let you control the amount of natural light that comes into the room and reduce the amount of electricity you need for lamps or other lighting fixtures.

Planation Shutters

If you are looking for a sturdier style of window treatment, then plantation shutters could be the right option for your needs. These durable, easy-to-clean shutters will not only add to the aesthetics of your room, but they are also the only type of custom window treatment that can actually increase the value of your home. There are many styles and colors available, so you are sure to find the right plantation shutters that work well with your interior design.


A timeless, classic option, draperies are available in a number of basic colors or print styles, allowing you to add the right amount of color or style to any room in your home. Draperies are easy to maintain and can be easily changed if you want to add a different color or even coordinate them with your holiday décor.

Sun Control Shades

Like their name says, sun control shades are great window treatments that allow you to control the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your home. Perfect for sun rooms, or any other room with lots of windows, sun control shades are an excellent choice that also provide versatility.

Motorized Window Treatment Options

With technology taking over every aspect of our daily lives, why should your window treatments be any different? Flair Interiors offers motorized window treatments that can be controlled by remote control or even by an app on your smartphone. Contact us for more information about the motorized custom window treatments we have available.