How Home Accents and Room Décor Can Give Your Home a Facelift Without Renovating

If you’re looking to revamp your home but don’t want to perform a full renovation, home accents and room décor are the answer. You can have a surprisingly large impact on your home by making small adjustments to its contents. Whether you’re interested in brightening up your living room, creating the illusion of space, or prepping your home for the changing of seasons, room décor is a great, easy, and – comparatively – affordable solution. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few ways to give your home a facelift without performing a full renovation.


Adding some throw pillows in bright, fun fabrics can liven up your space and change the whole feel of the room. Pillows are something that can be easily changed out with the seasons or holidays to keep the room feeling fresh, vibrant, and current.


Artwork on the walls can dramatically change the mood of a space. It can give a normally rigid, uninviting room a feeling of fun and warmth. Interesting, complementary art can really give life to a space.

Throw rugs

A nice rug can help to soften the feel of a space. It can also help to anchor your furniture so that it doesn’t feel like it’s just “floating” in the room.


If your fixtures have become outdated, new table lamps for the living room or a chandelier over the dining table can literally brighten up your space and bring it into this decade.

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