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At Flair Interiors, we are constantly honing our craft. From tracking the latest trends in home decorating to investigating new materials to utilize in our custom upholstered furniture, we strive to stay up to date with the most current developments in the world of interior design. Be sure to check back often if you would like to follow our progress and walk with us on our journey to provide the best interior decorating services in Kalamazoo.

Wall Coverings

Add Some Flair to Your Home with Wallpaper, Wall Coverings and Murals


Ever since the French invented block printing, people have been enamored with wallpaper. Like any design element, the trend has had its ups and downs. Recently, though, wallpaper, wall coverings and murals have surged! Making a huge comeback that started in 2016, we're seeing more complex patterns, more vibrant colors and more intricate designs utilized in a number of high-profile buildings and residences. Whether they're floral, animal or artistic prints, wall coverings are gracing halls around the world and, more importantly, they're looking great while doing it!

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Custom Upholstered Furniture

Busy Lifestyle? Messy Children? Crypton Fabric is Both Beautiful and Livable


Do you lead a busy – or hectic – life that occasionally results in mishaps damaging your home's furniture? Are your children regularly spilling food, drinks and other liquids onto your couch or loveseat? If so, Crypton fabric is a high-tech, futuristic solution to your housecleaning woes! Engineered to provide extreme protection from stains and spills, Crypton is highly durable and never loses its ability to prevent stains, odors, mildew and moisture buildup.

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Interior Decorators

Interior Decorators Take Note of Pantone’s New Fall 2016 Color Report


Influenced by "the desire for tranquility, strength and optimism," Pantone's Fall 2016 Color Report is a treasure trove of inspiration for interior decorators. Featuring a range of earth tones combined with lush, vibrant colors, the report highlights ten colors that will drive interior design and decorating for the year to come. In this post, we're going to take a closer look at a handful of these colors and discuss how they can be integrated into your home.

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Flair Interiors Choosing The Right Pattern

Welcome to Flair Interiors’ New Website!


As our regular visitors have undoubtedly noticed, Flair Interiors has undergone a bit of a renovation! With bigger, bolder graphics and a more vibrant color scheme, we're elated with how our new site captures the look, feel and imagination of Flair Interiors. Among the biggest changes is the new slideshow on our front page. Now filled with massive, colorful pictures that showcase a handful of our amazing products, the slideshow is a warm introduction to new visitors and a great way for our existing customers to explore our ever-expanding product lines.

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